Ken Zalewski
Ken Zalewski
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Lowering Property Taxes
and Reducing Spending

Everybody knows that property taxes are out of control, and as a homeowner, I know it, too. Year after year, our tax bill is increasing, while services from the city remain unchanged. Citizens are getting nothing more for the extra amount of money in taxes that they are paying.

Our city needs leaders who are innovative and disciplined in their approach to government spending. We must grow our tax base, and find new sources of revenue for the city.

To that end, I am proud that the first budget that I voted on as your newly elected representative (2009 budget) contained no tax increase, even though our surrounding municipalities all raised taxes. And when the Mayor proposed a 4% tax increase for the 2010 budget and a 5.5% tax increase for the 2011 budget, I worked with my colleagues to drop those numbers to 2.5% and 1.9%, respectively.

I am currently working on the 2012 budget, and we are hopeful that we can pass another budget with no tax increase again.

I continue to commit myself to pursuing policies that encourage fiscal responsibility and a reduction in the tax burden on working families so they can make ends meet.