Ken Zalewski
Ken Zalewski
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Providing Safety for Our Families

Like my neighbors, I am deeply concerned about the rising level of crime in our city. It is not only the number of incidents that disturbs me, but also the manner in which these crimes are being perpetrated. We have gone from simple car break-ins to assaults and robberies with deadly weapons. One neighbor is currently in a coma having taken a bullet in his head when trying to stop an argument, and another South Troy constituent was killed when he was shot in the head. In several neighborhoods in my district, I have met some residents who are fearful of leaving their homes. This is simply not acceptable.

I have worked closely with police over the last several years to brainstorm on strategies for combating urban crime. I serve on the Council's Public Safety Committee, and have held multiple committee meetings to address these issues and solicit public input. As a Council, we have approved funds for updated law enforcement equipment, including the ShotSpotter technology and the Vehicle Plate Reader.

I have maintained an extremely close working relationship with our Community Police Officer, allowing me to remain up-to-date on all law enforcement activities in and around my district. I attend most Neighborhood Watch group meetings in the district, and I am working to start up new Neighborhood Watch groups in other areas.

By being active and involved in the neighborhood groups, I have helped to bridge the gap between citizens and their government. My constituents know that I take neighborhood crime very seriously, and I will continue to demand results from the administration in addressing this issue on behalf of the people that I represent.