Ken Zalewski
Ken Zalewski
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Thank You

As a software developer and web designer myself, I decided to create and publish my own campaign website, rather than farm the work out to someone else. After all, I enjoy working in the technology field, and one of my goals as an elected official is to make better use of technology in city government. This will ultimately reduce the cost of day-to-day operations in city hall, and lead to increased efficiency in our business processes.

That being said, I would like to recognize several other individuals and businesses who have helped to make this website possible.

Thank You to Jim Flosdorf [website] for permission to use a beautiful panoramic photo of the Troy riverfront as the header for my website. His amazing panoramic photography of Troy, and other surrounding areas, must be seen to be believed.

Thank You to Albany County Legislator Ryan Horstmyer, and to his web design team of Bob and Nicole Becker, for providing the inspiration for the website. The simplicity of the layout, and ease of navigation, make it ideal for a local, grassroots campaign.

Thank You to my friend and Troy business owner Jim Welch (General Concision) for hosting the website, for supporting me as I engage my community in the political process, and for being a real example of a local business that is dedicated to improving our city with no strings attached.

And Thank You to the dozens of volunteers (the list is growing daily!) who are contributing their time, energy, and expertise to my campaign. Without them, none of this would be possible.